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7 Best QuickBooks Apps For Complete Integration

Small business owners routinely find QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Pro at the top of most website ranks when they look for the best accounting software. It is also a commonly used solution for accountants and CPAs. Due to this reason, many businesses may use this software as their primary accounting software. It can be hard to give up on software you’ve grown accustomed to when their business grows, or they require functionality not offered by the versions of QuickBooks. 

We know that 7 Best QuickBooks Apps is more of an industry-neutral software. That is why it may lack certain features you desire that are required for your business. This can include advanced inventory, time tracking, and manufacturing management. Fortunately, there are many QuickBooks apps as well as add-ons that make your basic QuickBooks a better version of itself. All desktop versions of QuickBooks include inventory as a feature. 

Implementing a dedicated inventory management system with integration can help turn a simple inventory into a supply chain management tool. It saves time, cut costs, and budget/forecast for demand. So, here are some of the best QuickBooks apps for complete integration. 

1) Fishbowl Inventory – Inventory

FishBowl Inventory is an automation solution for QuickBooks users. It includes barcode scanning, advanced manufacturing, and part tracking tools. FishBowl was one of the very first third parties to receive Gold Developer status. And, it remains one of the most popular choices for warehouse operations and manufacturers to expand their business. Fishbowl has a long history integrated with QuickBooks. And, the configuration wizard is the easiest way to transfer your existing inventory data. 

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FishBowl integrates with a number of options to help centralize and speed up your warehouse and manufacturing operations. The inventory software will automatically import vendor data, part data, customer data, and quantities. Interestingly, the cost savings of just having one software can be refreshing and can help in the growth of the organization. 

2) xTuple – Manufacturing

xTuple is an inventory solution that is built just for growing manufacturers. It is helping inventory and manufacturing companies to use management software. The manufacturing software integrates all back-office as well as manufacturing processes into a single business system. It can deliver huge improvements in the effectiveness of your organization. The integration of Quickbooks and xTuple includes inventory management, manufacturing, planning, MRP, and scheduling.

It allows your business to experience the full functionality of xTuple ERP. QuickBooks on its own does offer time-tracking features. However, when it integrates with xTuple software, it automates calculations, creates invoices, and processes payroll more efficiently as well. Let employees clock in and out from multiple devices to create schedules and automate their business processes. These advanced functionalities will take your organization to another level.

3) Tsheets – Time Tracking

TSheets is a cloud-based time and employee tracking solution. It is one of the simplest time tracking options due to this acquisition to integrate with your QuickBooks. Employee hours are instantly accessible with this software by admins and business owners. Besides that, they are located through GPS tracking as well. TSheets also provides online project tracking, timesheets, job costing, and geofencing tools to see which clients are being served each week, how much labor costs will be for a specific project, and where employees tend to put most of their time each week.

Project-based businesses make up a large portion of the small businesses that can span over a dozen industries. To better organize their jobs, monitor project budgets, track costs related to them, and deliver estimates, organizations can use Project management apps for QuickBooks. Tsheets can turn your QuickBooks accounting software into a construction management tool. From project management and accounting to bidding and vendor quotes all the way through, it handles everything.

4) Buildertrend – Construction

Buildertrend is construction project management software. It is for commercial contractors, home builders, home remodelers, and specialty contractors. Through project management, customer management, and financial management, the software covers all the bases from the pre-sales process. You’ll be able to convert change orders to invoices, eliminate double entry with cost code integration, convert purchase orders to bills, and integrate contacts with an integrated QuickBooks and Buildertrend.

While QuickBooks will continue to handle receiving customer payments and bill payments, Buildertrend itself will store information on vendors, bills and expenses, customers and jobs, bills against purchase orders, and more. You may find some crossover in the integration of the systems. It has the ability to take job-specific expenses for more accurate job costing across all jobs. 

5) BQE Core – Billing

BQE Core from BQE Software is a flexible as well as powerful business management software. It provides everything from time and expense tracking to project management capabilities. It is designed to provide streamlined collaboration among team members, specifically for professional service firms. Integrating BQE Core and QuickBooks Online provides your business with strong financial management, time billing, and accounting Options.

QuickBooks can continue to provide a client-based accounting structure as BQE Core offers a project-based accounting approach. BQE Core provides a strong extension to billing. It includes many features QuickBooks does not include such as 20 standard invoice templates, invoices for hourly, fixed fee, unit cost, & % contract types, and offers custom invoice templates if needed. 

6) GovCon Connect – Government Contractor

GovCon Connect is designed to give government contractors the ability to pass DCAA audits using QuickBooks Desktop or Online. It has helped hundreds of contractors pass their audits and become one of the leading options for government contractors. The software offers a standard edition for those just starting out a business edition. It includes advanced reporting features, company indirect rates, and a premiere edition for those who need to establish labor rates.

7) OnPay – Payroll

OnPay integrated with QuickBooks includes benefits and human resource capabilities. With automated tax filings and payments, it provides you with full-service payroll. It allows you to offer the best services to your employees. OnPay offers the ability to create 1099s and W-2s and provides payroll tax calculations for all 50 states. The software can easily bring in employee-level details right into QuickBooks. Besides that, it can let you view your finances the way you want.

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