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ERP Software for Construction & Engineering Industry - Oman, Bahrain - Saudi Arabia

Since the information associated with any construction project is so vast and diversified, it is essential that it be centralized in a single site so that it can be quickly and easily accessed by everyone involved, all the way from the tender stage to final completion. The ERP Construction solution ensures complete follow-through of the life cycle of every project, enabling all the processes inherent to the specific characteristics and demands of the Civil Construction and Public Works sector to be integrated and dealt with. And it can be fully integrated with administrative and financial processes too. This vastly improved information flow promotes substantial increases in productivity and fewer incoherencies, leading to a reduction in costs. Get Best ERP Software for Construction in Oman, bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
Another feature of the solution is its considerable capacity to group together all the information related to each tender and project. To this end, each project is allocated a dossier, where all the information relating to it will be stored. This would include general data, budgets and quotes, schedules, subcontracted, measurement reports, additional contracts, and any other relevant data. As well as incorporating the information relating to each job, it is also possible to record specific information relating to each organization involved in the job, since user fields can be created in every area of the solution. And not only does the technology that supports ERP Construction make it possible to attach all the electronic documentation to the job and to do so in any format (CAD, Excel, Word, PDF, etc.), but it also affords the possibility of creating files that improve the organization of the documentation and make it easier to consult.

Main Areas of the Solution

  • Cost Database
  • Tender Management
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Budgets and Quotes
  • Awarding Orders and Subcontracted Jobs
  • Planning
  • Measurement Reports
  • Control
  • Additional Contracts

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The symbiosis between the project and the Central Management System

  • Integration with the ERP
  • Customer Relationship Management for Construction Projects
  • Resources Integrated with Articles
  • Direct Integration into Accounting
  • Integration in Purchases
  • Integration with Sales

Other Integration Features

  • Centralized project management
  • Powerful support tools for budgeting and cost control
  • Automated support features for managing tenders and awarding subcontracts
  • Strict performance monitoring mechanisms
  • Remote access fosters a reduction in errors and increased productivity
  • Information flows smoothly between the project and the central management system

The symbiosis between the project and the Central Management System


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