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As a Development Platform - TallyPrime

Tally accounting software is an efficient development environment that includes a program as well, allowing programmers to create integrations, extensions, and customizations using Tally Definition Language (TDL). TDL enables programmers to create programs more quickly while maintaining the speed, dependability, and data integrity that are fundamental to Tally UAE.

The benefits of customizing Tally accounting software
  • Using Tallyprime's power and the Tallyprime Server effectively
  • increases user performance & efficiency.
  • Lower the business's operating costs.
  • create a sizable competitive advantage for your organization.
Maintain the Power of Tally

Extensions do not affect any of the popular core Tally features. You continue to enjoy how quick, easy, and adaptable your Tally Prime UAE is.

Rapid Growth

Enhance, customize, or integrate your Tally UAE quickly.

Connect and Play

Without affecting the quality and dependability of the data, you can add or remove any extension at any moment.

Tally Customization charges dubai
Tally Customization

Salesman Module

You may easily and accurately generate Salesman-wise Sales, Collection, and Outstanding reports in Tally with the help of the Saleman module. This add-on is useful to make sure each sales invoice is tagged to the right salesperson.

Monitor Salesman Wise Sale in Tally daily and tag it to the related salesman. You can use the reporting item-wise and salesman-wise to analyze the data and customize your incentive scheme.

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3000+ Ready Modules

Tally Software Customization

Scheduled AutoBackup

The Account admin can set up Tally UAE to automatically create a backup of the company's data at the specified time and location using the Auto backup. Use this vital Tally.ERP 9 module to ensure that all of your crucial data is properly protected from power outages, data corruption, and unintentional deletions. Business data must always be kept secure and protected, so the necessary precautions must be taken.

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Tally Prime Customization
Tally Prime Customization

Vouchers Approval

Authorize vouchers before they reflect in the books of accounts. Determine levels and permissions based on transaction type and amount. For user verification and permission, the administrator can set a predefined amount. Give necessary Remarks at each step of the voucher approval process. The authorizer can reject a transaction if it is not intended for use shortly.

Custom Tally Prime

Import Data

With Tally Prime, you can effortlessly import data and transactions from anywhere in the product in addition to maintaining your business data. Without leaving the current screen in which you are working, you can import the data. With the Import Vouchers option, Tally Dubai can import vouchers exported in XML format. In Tally Prime Dubai, you can import vouchers from one company to another.

Tally Prime Customization Dubai
Tally Prime Customization UAE

Barcode Printing Solution

Obtain inventory management software for Tally Barcode Labels from us. This enables you to automatically create barcodes for the stock items. Tally Barcode Printing Software offers an automated technique to produce barcode labels in the user-preferred style & look. The item master is modified such that each item has a user-defined MRP, expiry date, manufacturing date, etc.

Tally Prime Dubai

Voucher Template Customization

Typically, a user inputs transactions into a voucher and prints it in the pre-set default format. Yet, there can be times when the user wants information printed in a format other than the one Tally UAE provides by default. In such cases, the user might need to have it customized following the requirements of the business. It's necessary to create a new format as per business needs.

Tally Prime UAE

Document attachment

With the document attachment module, you can attach supporting documents to vouchers and see them at any time from the Tally Software Dubai voucher page and reports. Vouchers allow you to link a variety of documents. You can keep Online documents in Dropbox or Google Drive. Moreover, it is possible to attach it and view it immediately from a tally.

Tally Software Dubai

Viewing Daybook

The Day Book lists all transactions that took place on a specific day and by default shows the date that a normal voucher was last entered. Another option is to set it up to list all transactions over a specific time. Transactions comprise All financial vouchers, reversing, and memo diaries. You can specify the day book view for the required time based on your needs.


Still Can’t Find What You Are Looking For?

Tally customization involves modifying the Tally accounting software to meet the specific needs and workflows of a business. This can include creating new fields, reports, and workflows, or integrating Tally with other software programs.

Businesses may require Tally customization to streamline their accounting processes, improve accuracy and efficiency, and meet specific regulatory or industry requirements. Customization can also help businesses gain better insights into their financial data and improve decision-making.

TallyPrime is used for all types of accounting fields. But it is mainly used in trading sector and by trading companies because of its features and reports that it generates and offers.

Tally can be customized using Tally Definition Language (TDL), a programming language designed specifically for Tally. TDL allows developers to create new features, reports, and workflows, as well as integrate Tally with other software programs.

Tally customization requires specialized skills and knowledge of Tally and TDL programming. Businesses may choose to hire a Tally customization service provider or in-house developer with TDL programming experience.

The cost of Tally customization depends on the scope of the project, the complexity of the customization, and the hourly rate of the developer or service provider. Some Tally customization service providers offer fixed-price packages, while others charge by the hour.

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