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Tally Single User Silver Edition 4.1

You can install TallyPrime Silver if you want one person to handle your account. Tally UAE single user contains features like Tally.NET and remote access. Multiple users can access but through only one system which is licensed with Tally Prime UAE. You allow your users to enter your account with utmost security.

Accounting and Invoicing

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Why Tally Prime

Tally ERP 9
Silver Features

Tally Prime Single User Dubai

No-code Accounting

It's a no-code technology for accounting that enables you to build custom solutions without causing you undue stress.

Tally Prime Single User UAE

Ledgers Unified

Unified Ledgers are single-entry systems that balance credit and debit in one table.

Tally Prime Dubai

Comprehensive Accounting

Instant reports on accounting modules of Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss statements, and Cash and Funds flow.

Tally Prime UAE

Multi-Currency Accounting

Tally.ERP 9 allows you to record invoices, and quotations, provide bills and accept payments in foreign currencies.

Tally for single user

Receivables and Payables

With TallyPrime, recording accounts payables, and receivables is incredibly simple. Get thorough reports on all invoices.

Tally Prime single user price

Ratio Analysis

Tally provides you with an overview of your business through a sheet performance analysis based on performance ratios.

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General TallyPrime Single user Features

Tally Single User makes your complex work more simple than ever. Tally Accounting software fulfills all your finance process requirements.

Cost Management

With TallyPrime, it's easy to create the budget at different levels, such as for a certain cost type, a department, etc., and keep track of it with actuals. Supports numerous cost categories and makes three-dimensional cost and revenue reporting easier in Tally Prime.


You may create multilingual tax invoices and POS invoices in Arabic and English using TallyPrime. TallyPrime supports bulk e-invoice generation. A distinctive report included with TallyPrime will provide you with a comprehensive overview.

Net Capabilities

Do you have Multiple locations for your business? Without being "linked to each other life," on-demand synchronization enables each system to finish its work separately. Using remote access while traveling, you can record or modify the voucher in Tally Prime.


Tally Accounting software generates Cash Deposit Slips and Payment Advice. Also helps in Cheque Management and e-Payments. Tally offers a variety of pre-defined cheque printing formats, making it simple for you to print cheques. Postdated checks are simple to track and handle.

Password Management

Only authorized users will be able to examine financial data with the help of a strong password policy, improving data security. You can build a password policy in TallyPrime that specifies the password complexity, password expiration, and password history to update the new one - Tally Prime.

Data Backup and restore

Concerned about the best ways to backup and securely preserve all of your business data? The simple layout of Tally makes it simple to take data backups on portable storage devices or any other external hard drive and quickly recover them.

Digital Signature

You can take advantage of yet another benefit of digitization for your company with TallyPrime's digital signature. For reports and invoices in PDF format, you can immediately add a digital signature - Tally Prime.

Authenticated Security

You may specify user-level rights, build different security levels, and grant special access to employees according to their roles and responsibilities using TallyPrime. Reports make it simple to follow modified transactions.

Bill Of Materials

You can specify the raw materials, assemblies, parts, and components, along with the amounts of each inventory, required to make a final product using TallyPrime's extensive Bill of Material (BoM) feature.


Still Can’t Find What You Are Looking For?

Tally Single User is a version of the Tally accounting software designed for businesses with a single user who needs to manage their accounting data. It is ideal for small businesses or self-employed individuals who do not need to share their accounting data with others.

Tally Single User includes all the basic features needed for managing accounting, inventory, and payroll processes. It allows users to create and manage vouchers, invoices, and ledgers, and provides reports and analysis tools for tracking business performance. It also includes features for managing VAT compliance.

Yes, users of Tally Single User can upgrade to Tally Multi User if they need to add additional users or share their accounting data with others. The upgrade process is straightforward and can be done using the Tally installer.

No, Tally Single User is designed for use by a single user on a single computer. It does not support multi-user access or network sharing of accounting data.

The cost of Tally Single User depends on the specific version and features required. Tally offers both perpetual licenses and subscription plans, with prices starting at around $135 for a single-user perpetual license.

Yes, Tally Single User is designed specifically for small businesses and self-employed individuals who need to manage their accounting data independently.

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