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With 10 Tally.NET identities that you can create as a Tally.ERP 9 Gold users and mobile users can access your system from anywhere. You can also gain access from other Tally.ERP 9 users by having these Tally.NET identities authorized. Contact Peniel Computer to begin the simple transition from Tally Silver to Tally Gold.

As a Tally ERP 9 Gold user, you can create ten Tally.NET identities.

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Tally prime multi user uae


Because of our partnership with Tally Prime, you may try out a demo for a tally multi-user subscription for free. Invest your money in trustworthy services after the demo.

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Both offline and online Tally Gold assistance is offered by us. Our trainers will get in touch with you wherever you need our support.

Tally prime multi user price dubai


Although Tally is easy to use, we offer support if you still require assistance with installation. Call us whenever you have a question.

Tally prime multi user price uae


You will require regular maintenance every year. As your system ages, we offer maintenance services for Tally multi-user.

Tally prime uae


If you need any help understanding tally accounting software, our skilled professionals are always willing to train you.

Tally prime dubai


You will need to renew your subscription after it expires, and we offer Tally Gold renewal services.

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Tally Prime UpgradationUpgrade Tally Easily

Get Tally ERP Upgradation Price in Bahrain, Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi. Upgrade tally latest version UAE Upgrade today to get the latest features and keep pace with your business growth and enjoy its features. Tally latest version - Upgrade to TallyPrime

  • Tally 9 / Tally.ERP 9 Silver to Tally.ERP 9 Gold: 1260 USD / 4680 AED

    (Upgrade Tally Single User to Tally Multi User)

  • Tally 7.2 Gold to Tally.ERP 9 Gold: 756 USD / 2808 AED

    (Upgrade From Tally Gold 7.2 to Tally ERP 9 Gold)

  • Tally 7.2 Silver to Tally.ERP 9 Silver: 252 USD / 936 AED

    (Upgrade From Tally Silver 7.2 to Tally ERP 9 Silver)

  • Tally 7.2 Gold to Tally.ERP 9 Gold: 756 USD / 2808 AED

    (Upgrade From Tally Gold 7.2 to Tally ERP 9 Gold)

  • Tally 9 Silver to Tally.ERP 9 Silver: 126 USD / 468 AED

    (Upgrade From Tally 9 Silver to Tally ERP 9 Silver)

Tally ERP 9 Gold Features

We at Peniel Computer think that technology can help business owners become more effective, empowered, and content so they can concentrate on what's most important to their company.


    Helps you update and synchronize data across several places. This makes business information exchange quick and simple.


    Enables you to compare data to comprehend and evaluate performance levels across different periods or divisions.


    Makes it easier to classify and categorize ledgers as necessary. Also, it makes information easy to analyze, which helps in decision-making.


    Enables quicker data entering and printing on stationery with a 40-column layout. TallyPrime Gold also offers barcode support.


    Allows you to view all reports in multiple currencies and provides flexibility in using different currencies in the same transaction.


    You can automate the management of your employee records with Tally Gold payroll, including the management of employment contracts.

  • Book-keeping

    Enables you to record all types of transactions, including debit and credit notes, adjustment, and reversing journals.


    Enables you to calculate interest on loans, dues, and other amounts depending on specified criteria or timeframes.


    Allows you to choose which warehouse to ship from based on the stock situation and assists you in tracking stock transfers.

  • Unified Ledger

    Creates a single, cluster ledger by combining your general, sales, and purchase ledgers.

Customized Modules

To increase TallyPrime's functionality and effectiveness, we have created customized modules.


Generate appropriate salesman-wise outstanding sales reports and invoices with this basic salesman module.


Allows the creation of an auto backup mechanism that initiates automated backup folder copies with time and date.


Allows to design various barcode labels and print them at the time of receipt note or purchase invoices.


Customize voucher templates as per customer's requirements be it on a Letterhead or plain paper with a logo.


Allows the user to import main data like the account charts and bill-wise opening balances from excel or CSV.


Allows the user to define a set of vouchers that needs approvals from an authorized manager or supervisor.

Tally TSS for Gold Edition

Tally Software Services (TSS) is a software subscription for a group of services that greatly enhance Tally accounting software by providing you with the most recent updates in statutory laws and technology. Your company's performance is greatly improved by ongoing product updates and connectivity-driven functionalities of online data transfers.

  • Immediate generation of e-Way bills via connected services.
  • E-invoice generation and printing are significantly easier.
  • Use Banking and Payment Services for a seamless and simple financial experience
  • It is not any more difficult to distribute your books of accounts among your branches.
  • Manage your company from anywhere in the world by utilizing our remote access services.


Still Can’t Find What You Are Looking For?

Tally Multi User is a version of the Tally accounting software that allows multiple users to access the same company data simultaneously. This can improve collaboration and efficiency for businesses with multiple employees who need to access and update accounting data.

The number of users who can access Tally Multi User depends on the specific version and license purchased. Tally offers a range of multi-user licenses, with options for up to 10, 20, 30, or more users.

Yes, Tally Multi User can be used over a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN). Users can access the company data from different computers or locations, as long as they have the necessary network permissions and access rights.

Yes, Tally Multi User licenses are generally more expensive than single-user licenses due to the added functionality and multiple user support. However, the cost varies depending on the number of users and specific version of Tally Multi User.

Tally Multi User is installed on a server computer, which hosts the company data and allows multiple users to access it. Each user must have a separate license or login credentials to access the company data.

Yes, Tally Multi User can be accessed remotely over a VPN or using remote desktop software. This allows users to access the company data from different locations or while working from home. However, remote access may require additional security measures to protect the company data.

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