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7 Payroll System Features to Put on Your Wishlist

Earlier, payslips were prepared and calculated manually when the software was not invented. However, spreadsheets eased the task of preparing payslips and related documents with the invention of software. In the modern era, regardless of their size, the majority of companies use payroll software. Be it 7 Payroll System Oman or Payroll Software UAE, it has become a famous part of organizations. An efficient Payroll Software is necessary for an organization to make timely preparation of statutory reports, payslips, salary registers, and related documents.

Payroll Software not only automates time-consuming processes but also saves a lot of valuable time for your HR Team. It has become one of the most common HR software in a short amount of time. If your business hasn’t adopted a payroll system yet, now is the time. However, make sure to choose the best Payroll system provider such as Peniel Computers. Before that, let’s take a look at some key features of the Payroll System.

Features of Payroll System:

If you’re a new employer or aren’t too familiar with software platforms, researching payroll software can be exhausting. If you are confused about what kinds of payroll management software feature to watch, keep some of these key features in mind on your wishlist:

1) Simple & Easy Setup

We all know that the time of a business owner is very precious. They surely do not want to spend loads of time setting up software. That is why look for software with a simple setup when searching for payroll software. Look into setup options while researching for payroll software companies. Get a detailed report and customer reviews to know what others have to say about the setup process of your shortlisted payroll software companies. 

2) Accurate Deposits & Tax Fillings

Dealing with payroll tax withholdings and filings is one of the major pain points of running payroll. Consider Payroll software that does the filings and deposits for your organization. From doing year-end W-2 and W-3 filings to doing automatic tax updates, Payroll software takes care of all the reports for your organization. Besides that, it also handles government payroll taxes while guaranteeing accurate tax deposits, filings, and calculations.

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3) Direct Deposits

Direct deposit has taken over the workplace nowadays. In this modern era, organizations do not use paper cheques and cash. Instead, they prefer direct deposit. That is why check out your direct deposit options when looking for software. However, while considering direct deposits, check out additional fees, timing options, deposit limits, and expedited direct deposit options. Also, ensure that the payroll software has any free direct deposit options. It will undoubtedly make things easier for you and your team. 

4) To-the-point Payroll Reports

One of the ultimate features of the Payroll System is its robust, accurate, and easy-to-access payroll reports. The last thing you want in the organization is to go to find payroll information. And even after digging it, you can’t find the information you need. That is why find software that offers a variety of reports within a few clicks instead of scrambling to put together reports and gather information. These reports include payroll register, payroll details, payroll tax liabilities, payment details, W-2 & W-3 forms, form 941, and form 940. 

You can also use a full-service payroll that handles taxes and filings of your organization. However, make sure that you have access to reports such as tax deposits, tax collection, and tax filings. Undoubtedly, it will be an added advantage to your organization. 

5) Integration Options

From collecting timesheets and handling accounting tasks to managing employee documents, you’ve got a lot of things on your plate along with running payroll. That’s why you need payroll software to make things easier for you and your team. This one software can seamlessly integrate with other platforms and software. Those platforms and software include time & attendance software, accounting software, worker’s compensation software, HR software, and more. However, before finalizing the payroll company, know about the features they provide, if there are any additional costs to integrate, and more.

6) Self-service of Employees

Employee self-service portal is another feature you should look for in payroll software. It allows employees to make changes to personal information, review benefits details, and view pay stubs. Employees may also be able to view their W-2s at year-end with the Employee self-service portal. Besides that, they will also be able to print payroll information as well as track their time cards. Never forget to determine whether or not they offer a portal while looking for software. You can also check what its capabilities are and how much it costs. 

7) Top-notch Support

When purchasing payroll software, having excellent support is a must, especially if you’re new to the payroll world. Consider aspects like hours of operation, how you can get in contact with them, and where the support team is located when looking at support. Also, determine if the support is free or if it comes with a price tag. You can call them to ask questions about the payroll software if you really want to get a good idea of the support level. That way, you can find out how long it takes to get ahold of a representative. 

Why Peniel Computers?

While talking about Payroll software, you might want to add plenty of things to your wishlist. From low pricing to strong security, you will want everything featured in your Payroll software. That is why to help you decide which payroll application factors and features are a must for the growth of your organization, Peniel Computers is here. From Payroll Software Oman to Payroll Software UAE, Peniel Computers is very famous for proving the best Payroll software among organizations.

Peniel Computers cater to all your requirements to manage the entire workforce with ease. From uploading all the relevant documents of each and every employee to managing your workforce in an efficient manner, we provide all the necessary features to your organization. Besides that, with annual maintenance checks, we provide additional support and services for our customers.

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