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If you only want one person to handle your account, you can install TallyPrime Silver. Tally single user includes Tally.NET and remote access features. Yet, there is only one system that is authorized by Tally Silver and may be accessed by many individuals. You provide the highest level of security for users to access your account.

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Silver Features

Tally Software silver edition

No-Code Accounting

With Tally Silver, businesses can simplify their accounting without the need for coding knowledge. This feature allows for easy customization and streamlines financial management.

Tally Prime Silver Edition

Ledgers Unified

Tally Silver offers businesses a consolidated platform to manage all of their financial activities, including sales, purchases, expenses, and inventories.

Tally Single User Oman

Detailed Accounting

Tally Silver enables organizations to keep a thorough and accurate record of all financial activities. This tool offers a comprehensive view of a company's financial health.

Tally Prime Single User Oman

Multi-Currency Accounting

Businesses can manage transactions in several currencies with ease. Seamless financial administration across international borders is all made possible by Tally Prime.

Tally Software Single User Oman

Receivables and Payables

Tally Silver Oman allows businesses to easily track and manage their accounts receivable and accounts payable. This feature provides real-time information on the status of payments.

Tally Software for Single User

Ratio Analysis

Tally Silver Oman allows businesses to analyze their financial statements and assess their overall financial health. This feature provides key ratios such as liquidity, profitability, and solvency.

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Tally Accounting software features

Whether you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or an individual looking to manage your finances, Tally Single User Oman has got you covered.


Cash Deposit Slips and Payment Advice are generated by the Tally Accounting software. Also supports e-Payments and cheque management. You may easily print checks using Tally's selection of pre-defined cheque printing formats. Postdated checks are easy to manage and trace.


With TallyPrime, you can create bilingual tax invoices and POS invoices in Arabic and English. Bulk e-invoice generation is supported by TallyPrime. You will receive a thorough overview of the status (produced, pending, or canceled) of your transactions from a special report that comes with TallyPrime.

Net Capabilities

Do you operate your business from multiple locations? Without being "connected to life," on-demand synchronization enables each system to finish its work individually. You can record or edit the voucher while you're on the go by using remote access - Tally Accounting Software.

Cost management

It is simple to construct the budget using Tally accounting software at many levels, such as for a certain cost type, a department, etc., and keep track of it with actuals. supports a wide range of expense categories and simplifies reporting on three-dimensional costs and revenues.

Secure Authentication

With TallyPrime, you can define user-level privileges, create several security levels, and give employees specific access based on their job descriptions. The ability to track amended transactions and quickly compare them to an older version to spot altered items is made possible through reports.

Data recovery and backup

Are you worried about the best methods for safely preserving all of your company's data? Tally's intuitive interface makes it simple to take data backups on external hard drives or other portable storage devices and rapidly restore them - Tally Prime.

Digital Signature

With the digital signature provided by TallyPrime, You may easily add a digital signature to reports and invoices in PDF format. It provides a secure way to sign and verify documents, ensuring they have not been tampered with and that they are from a trusted source - Tally Prime.

Password Management

A strong password policy will ensure that only authorized individuals may access financial data, enhancing data security. In TallyPrime, you may create a password policy that details the password complexity, expiration date, and password history for updating the new one.

Bill Of Materials

The broad Bill of Material (BoM) feature in TallyPrime allows you to specify the raw materials, assemblies, parts, and components, as well as the quantities of each inventory, that are needed to construct a finished product. The BOM can specify the by-products, co-products, and scraps as well.


Still Can’t Find What You Are Looking For?

Tally Single User is a version of the Tally accounting software designed for businesses with a single user who needs to manage their accounting data. It is ideal for small businesses or self-employed individuals who do not need to share their accounting data with others.

Tally Single User includes all the basic features needed for managing accounting, inventory, and payroll processes. It allows users to create and manage vouchers, invoices, and ledgers, and provides reports and analysis tools for tracking business performance. It also includes features for managing VAT compliance.

Yes, users of Tally Single User can upgrade to Tally Multi User if they need to add additional users or share their accounting data with others. The upgrade process is straightforward and can be done using the Tally installer.

No, Tally Single User is designed for use by a single user on a single computer. It does not support multi-user access or network sharing of accounting data.

The cost of Tally Single User depends on the specific version and features required. Tally offers both perpetual licenses and subscription plans, with prices starting at around $135 for a single-user perpetual license.

Yes, Tally Single User is designed specifically for small businesses and self-employed individuals who need to manage their accounting data independently.

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