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Do not let manual HR procedures impede your progress. Elate HR Payroll Software can meet your HR demands whether you run a small or large business. Elate is aware of the difficulties businesses encounter when trying to manage their human resources.


Employees can manage their personal information, leave requests, and attendance records using Elate HRMS.

Highly Scalable

You can select the features you require and adjust the scalability of our solutions as your organization expands.

Advanced Analytics

HR managers can evaluate and visualize HR data, including employee performance, attrition rates, and training needs.

Enhanced Integration

Elate HRMS enables smooth interaction with other HR systems and business applications, such as payroll, accounting, and CRM.

Human Resource Management

Streamlining HR duties with HRMS software

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You can advertise job vacancies and develop recruitment strategies using HRMS to streamline the hiring process. With your HRMS, keep a record of the employment offers you make to applicants.

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Employee incentive

In addition to normal remuneration, employee incentives are a means of rewarding and motivating employees. When required, use HR payroll software to create Employee Incentives for a single payroll entry.

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Employee life cycle

Skill mapping, onboarding, promotions, and separations are all parts of the employee management cycle. You may manage each of these activities with the help of Elate HRMS, a single piece of HR management software.

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Performance management

To analyze and document an employee's performance at work, use performance evaluation. You can control employee evaluations by establishing an appraisal template that contains the performance-defining criteria.

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Transfer management

Internal mobility typically takes the form of a job transfer, whereby the employee is transferred to a new position, typically at a different location or division. Employers should use the HRMS Employee Transfer document to track staff transfers.

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Travel and Expenses

Employees occasionally leave the office for travel, and the company is responsible for those expenses. Also, you can use the HRMS employee advance option to request an advance payment from the business.

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The training section contains information about the training program, event, outcomes, and feedback. In HRMS Oman, you can create a training plan and set up training events for it.

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Leave management

With HRMS, you can effectively manage your company's leave policy. Create as many different leave types as your organization requires. Make a variety of holiday lists in HRMS and distribute them.

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Payroll Set-up

Tracking employee salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions is part of the payroll setup process. Employees can view their wage information in the payroll part of the HRMS using the best HRMS software in Oman.

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Payroll Management

Every company's HR department needs to be proficient in payroll handling. HR software in Oman efficiently automates the administration, payroll processing, and salary structure processes.

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Compensation Plan

A salary structure includes information on pay and a breakdown of the elements that go into making up pay. Using HR payroll software, specify the Earnings and Deductions, the Payroll Periodicity, and the Payment Method.

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Salary Slip

The salary slip contains complete disclosure of the employee's salary amounts and components. You may make salary slips using HR Payroll software. Using the data from the timesheet, attendance, and leave, create a pay slip.

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Best HRMS Software in UAEFeatures of HR & Payroll Software Solution

Elate HRMS Oman offers an easy-to-use UI that is intuitive to utilize. It enables customizations and configurations to meet your unique HR requirements and preferences. The ability to make data-driven decisions and increase staff productivity is also provided by the real-time insights it provides into your HR operations. With the help of Elate HRMS software Oman, you can automate your HR procedures, eliminate errors, and conserve time and effort.

  • Scheduling of employees' tasks
  • Time Tracking for Workers
  • Payroll administration
  • Performance supervision
  • Necessary accounting

Elate HRMS, a popular HR software in Oman

Elate HRMS software Oman’s scalable design allows it to expand along with your company and meet your changing HR needs.

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With a free demo or trial, discover the top-notch HRMS capabilities and streamline the HR procedure.

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HRMS Installation

Don't put off change any longer; implement an HRMS to elevate your HR process.

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HRMS Training

Depending on your demands, our trainers can offer you HR software Oman training.

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HRMS Support

About Elate HRMS, our specialists respond to all of your questions in the best way possible.

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Get Peniel Computer's yearly maintenance to maintain your HRMS and your staff.

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We're here to support you from wherever you are: You have access to both onsite/online HRMS assistance.

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Our platform is fully compliant with Oman's labor laws and regulations, ensuring that your business stays in full compliance with all legal requirements. Plus, with our advanced reporting and analytics tools, you can gain valuable insights into your HR processes, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your HR management strategies.

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Why We Are Unique?

Peniel Computer is specially crafted to fulfill the unique requirements of companies of all sizes. With a completely configurable interface, you can easily add custom fields, workflows, and reports to suit your unique procedures. Even non-technical team members may use the platform's powerful features thanks to our user-friendly design, which makes it simple for them to do so. Our additional offerings include software for property management, Quickbooks, Tally Prime, Elate CRM, and HRMS, Property Management, Cheque Printing, ERP Software. With the help of our software, your team can successfully manage contacts, automate sales, and run marketing campaigns while building deeper customer relationships.


Still Can’t Find What You Are Looking For?

Elate HRMS is a human resource management system (HRMS) software designed to help businesses manage their HR processes, including employee records, attendance, leave management, payroll, and performance evaluation.

Elate HRMS offers a range of features, including employee record management, attendance tracking, leave management, payroll processing, performance evaluation, and reporting and analytics.

Elate HRMS helps businesses manage their HR processes by providing a centralized database of employee information, automating routine tasks and processes, and enabling better communication and collaboration between HR staff and employees.

Yes, Elate HRMS can integrate with a range of other software programs, including accounting software, attendance devices, and recruitment software.

Yes, Elate HRMS is designed to be customizable to meet the specific needs and workflows of different businesses. The software allows businesses to configure workflows, fields, and reports to their specific requirements.

The cost of Elate HRMS depends on the features and number of users required. The software offers a range of pricing plans, including a free plan and several paid plans with varying levels of functionality and support.

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