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Comparison Between QuickBooks Pro Vs. QuickBooks Enterprise

You may be considering QuickBooks Software as you look for the right accounting software for your business. With a number of products available for small business owners, both online and desktop, QuickBooks is a tried and true provider. You may be trying to decide between QuickBooks Pro vs. Enterprise if you’re interested specifically in a QuickBooks desktop product. Both of these products can be effective and useful accounting solutions. However, it’s important to know the differences between the two in order to determine which will be better suited for your business.

Functionality is one of the major differences between QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop and QuickBooks Pro software. QuickBooks Pro is the most basic and simple version of QuickBooks Desktop. It is designed for smaller businesses that only require a few users simultaneously. On the other hand, QuickBooks Enterprise is the most extensive Desktop product that QuickBooks offers. It is meant to accommodate larger or quickly growing businesses. So, if you’re trying to choose between QuickBooks Pro vs. Enterprise, you can use this comparison guide that will help you to determine the right solution for your business.

QuickBooks Pro vs. QuickBooks Enterprise

You’re probably wondering exactly what the functional differences are between the two platforms. That is why we’ll go through an overview of each of these QuickBooks products. We will explore the distinguishing advanced capabilities of both the software that QuickBooks Enterprise can offer over Pro. So, here are the main differences between QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Enterprise:

QuickBooks Pro:

QuickBooks Pro Desktop is a fully functional software with all of the accounting manoeuvres. It is a simple software that doesn’t require previous accounting knowledge. However, it is powerful software that can help you manage your business performance and expenses. From paying invoices and bills to viewing profit and loss statements, you’ll be able to organize all of your accounting needs with QuickBooks Pro UAE. It can be utilized by three users simultaneously and can be installed on up to three computers. Besides that, it offers:

  • Print checks, pay bills, track income and expenses
  • Track sales, sales taxes, and customer payments
  • Pull in transactions from multiple business bank accounts and institutions
  • Set up reminders and notifications for taxes, to-do items, and more
  • Create an accountant copy of your company file
  • Utilize your windows open across multiple monitors
  • Track inventory, create purchase orders, set reorder points, and perform job costing
  • Set up transactions for recurring billing and invoices
  • Generate advanced and automated reports
  • Attach and store documents in your Document Center
  • Set individual user permissions
  • Create period copies and scheduled backups

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QuickBooks Enterprise:

Whereas QuickBooks Pro is the most simple Desktop, QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop is the most advanced. QuickBooks Enterprise has six times the capacity of the other QuickBooks products according to Intuit. Interestingly, it can support up to 1 million list items, users, and vendors. If we compare QuickBooks Pro vs. Enterprise in that regard, QuickBooks Pro Desktop can only track up to 14,500 items. Hence, QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud is truly designed for larger small businesses that are growing rapidly. It offers three different plans, can scale up to 30 full-access, integrate with more than 180 apps, and provide access to simultaneous users. 

QuickBooks Enterprise Dubai is available in Silver, Gold, and Platinum versions. QuickBooks Enterprise Silver is the first place that includes the QuickBooks Enterprise software, online backup data storage, U.S.-based customer support, advanced reporting, and QuickBooks Priority Circle Program. QuickBooks Enterprise Gold is the next version that includes all of the features of Silver along with QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced. Lastly, QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum offers all the functionalities of Silver and Gold with advanced inventory and advanced reporting.

QuickBooks Enterprise stands out in terms of advanced functionality as well as customization when comparing . It provides industry-specific features for wholesale, retail, non-profits, contractors, and manufacturing businesses. In addition to that, here are some of the most significant advanced capabilities that QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop, as well as QuickBooks Enterprise cloud, offers:

  • Track fixed assets with the Fixed Assets Manager
  • Create a business plan and forecast sales and expenses
  • Consolidate reports from multiple files
  • Control, customize, and automate pricing inside QuickBooks
  • Sales order management tool to help employees fulfil orders faster
  • Work in two company files at the same time
  • Multi-warehouse tracking, bar code scanning, FIFO valuation method, bin location tracking, and serial and lot tracking for inventory
  • Non-posting cost reports, advanced reporting modules, customized inventory reports, and assembly shortage reports
  • Access to a customer success manager
  • Process and track sales order fulfilment from a central dashboard
  • 14 predefined user roles
  • Full payroll capabilities with the Gold and Platinum plans

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, you’ll need to consider what your specific accounting needs and budget are if you’re trying to decide between QuickBooks Pro vs. Enterprise. Also, you need to understand how those needs may change or grow in the future. Whether you go for QuickBooks Enterprise cloud or QuickBooks Pro cloud, both are amazing. However, QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop can be the right one for you if you need the functionality it offers. Meanwhile, stick with the QuickBooks Pro Desktop, if you don’t need the more advanced features of Enterprise. At the end of the day, you’re bound to find one that will serve your business best with the countless accounting solutions available for small businesses.

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