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Customer Service CRM- What to Look For in 2022

It is essential to stay on the ball in today’s hard-pressed business environment with the latest developments in the technology landscape. To be an edge ahead of your competitors and sail through the operational complexities, it is equally important to timely upgrade your enterprise software systems. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a staple element for businesses. It helps to manage their customer relationships along with sales, marketing, and customer service management. That is why it is essential to keep pace with the latest CRM software trends in the market. In addition to that, keep your CRM systems up-to-date with the latest technologies. 

Over recent years, CRM Services CRM development has evolved considerably, becoming more than a mere tool for contact management. We saw some major developments in the CRM software industry in the year 2021 and the widespread adoption of CRM applications across small-scale businesses. And now the year 2022, is most likely to bring several technological enhancements and scores of new opportunities for CRM software systems. 

What is CRM software?

CRM software (customer relationship management software) is a tool that’s designed to help your organization. It builds a better customer relationship and offers your customers a unique and seamless experience by providing a complete picture of all customer interactions, organizing and prioritizing your opportunities, keeping track of your sales, and facilitating collaboration between various teams. Your customer information will be all over the place without a proper CRM strategy and it’ll be hard to keep track of all the touchpoints.

The idea of how businesses approach customer interactions as well as building relationships with them forms their CRM strategy. Providing better services and building better relationships with the customers involves analyzing the history of customer interactions by collecting customer data. It ultimately drives sales and revenue in the organization. With a generic and sub-par customer experience, CRM software leads to a drawn-out sales cycle. When you have a strong CRM strategy, it allows you to build personal connections with customers and provide them with personalized services.

Here we shall explore the top customer service CRM software trends in 2022 that can disrupt the cross-industry business landscape.

1) AI-Driven CRM Systems

Across all major industries worldwide, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made its way into mainstream businesses. A large number of small as well as medium enterprises have opted for machine learning solutions and business intelligence tools over recent years. AI integration with CRM has enabled businesses to drive maximum sales growth, improve marketing strategies, and deliver personalized customer experiences through intelligent decision-making. For AI-driven CRM software development services, we are going to see a sharp increase in demand in 2022.

2) CRM and Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics has become a staple element for modern-day CRM and ERP systems after the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. However, many enterprises still cling to traditional legacy applications. It surely lacks the veracity offered by powerful analytics features. We shall see more businesses that are moving towards modernizing their legacy software applications as we move further into the new decade. Big data analytics is definitely one of the key features to upgrading their legacy CRM systems that they will surely consider while choosing.

3) The Rise of Social CRM

Social CRM refers to the integration of social media channels into a CRM system, as the name suggests. It improves the overall customer experience. Social CRM has become increasingly important these days because businesses continue to move from multichannel to omnichannel marketing strategies. Companies can gain better insights into their customers’ needs by virtue of social CRM and also by analyzing their social media posts. Facilitating seamless B2C communications across social media channels significantly improves customer service management at the same time. 

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4) Chatbots and Conversational UI

For a few decades now, AI-powered chatbots have been around. However, in the past few years only, they gained popularity in business websites and applications. Chatbots and conversational UIs have gained significant traction over recent years across business applications and CRM software is no exception. Many enterprises have also implemented virtual assistants in their CRM systems in addition to chatbots to render improved customer support services. To strengthen their CRM services, a large number of enterprises will follow suit and invest in conversational interfaces in the year 2022.

5) The IoT Integrations

After the fourth industrial revolution, the internet of things (IoT) is one of the most transformative technologies that was introduced in businesses. With the number of connected devices at an all-time high, it is also one of the fastest-growing sectors. IoT has made its way into mainstream businesses today in one way or another. We are going to witness a meteoric rise in the number of connected devices as we go through 2022 across ERP and CRM systems.


By taking into account the aforementioned CRM software trends, it is easier to make these early predictions. SMBs have already realized the importance of CRM software with an increasing number of businesses. As a result, across small and medium-sized enterprises in 2020 and 2021, we witnessed widespread adoption of CRM systems. 

Nevertheless, a majority of these businesses are from four main industries. This includes real estate, distribution, insurance, and consulting. We are expecting some major growth in 2022 as CRM software development continues to make steady yet powerful paths across mainstream businesses. Furthermore, a major part of this growth is expected in the industries such as healthcare, financial, manufacturing, and eCommerce services after seeing the current trends.

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