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Trade and service business involves activity for producing the goods, selling the goods, and perform services. Each trade business differs in its working environment, goods, and processes. Business these days are more crucial to run and requires a standardized process to improve efficiency and attain the goal of the organization. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provides a complete solution that integrates all the processes like finance, sales, human resource, operations, and manufacturing. The ERP software in Oman is useful for all sized companies such as small, medium, and established companies. ERP software provides you solutions to collect, store, manage and interpret data from various business units. With an optimized solution, ERP software automates the data between the front end and back end of the business process.

Some of the key features of ERP software in Oman that can transform your businesses are:

  • Financial management – ERP software provides centralized storage of data to manage, analyze and monitor all the financial activities that include budgets, forecasts, costs, accounts payable, and receivable. The business owner can have insights into spends and profits. The accurate monitoring of the data helps to analyze the reason for high spending which causes lower profits. Financial management helps the user to improve cash flow and improve profitability by reducing the cost of spending.
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM) – ERP software helps the user to integrate the data to address the customer details, needs, and preferences. A CRM is a feature that enables the user to keep track of customer data and sales data. The CRM component helps to optimize sales and marketing with the insights of all the data regarding the customers. Each time when a customer buys a product, it is recorded in CRM and helps the sales team to efficiently manage a marketing plan.
  • Human Resources (HR) – employees are the pillars of the organization which helps to improve the sales and lead the business to another level. ERP software provides an HR component that handles the employee management from the entry process through contract, key responsibilities, and payroll. The time-consuming process as leave, benefits, attendance is automated with the HR process.
  • Sales and Marketing – The sales process involves sales workflow like sales invoices, quotations, orders, and inquiries. To improve the sales, ERP software collages the sales and CRM modules. The manual calculation of sales margin and profit ratio is time-consuming and has a higher risk for errors. The ERP software helps you to automate the tracking of business metrics and synchronize detailed reports concerning the sales margin. These metrics help you in decision-making to improvise the sales profit.

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  • Inventory management – the main function in trade business is to manage the stocks. ERP software allows you to create unlimited stock groups, stock categories and arrange them accordingly. The business owners can create multiple inventories based on their business range and track them accordingly. You can also manage stocks with batches and access the reports to view stock positions.
  •  Purchase management – the purchase feature helps an organization to secure the materials and products that are required to manufacture and sell goods. ERP software allows automation of vendors and the suppliers with the items. Once a company accepts a quote, the purchase module helps to prepare and send a purchase order. Each time when inventory is updated, ERP software allows the automation of purchase orders and sales orders.

ERP software in Oman provides the platform to manage operations that maximize production by applying some of the techniques as:

  • Key performance indicators – the key factor to improve the business is to identify the goals you want to achieve. Based on the goals, the user can set different indicators that help to guide the workflow in the right direction and evaluate the success.
  • Create a Timeline – for every task, there should be a specific time frame based on which it should be accomplished. By setting the specific time, it encourages the employees to achieve project completion effectively and increase productivity.
  • Workflow – the workflow defines how the process of the organization should be that are bound with day-to-day operations.

The use of ERP software in trade and business service will enable the user to increase efficiency, promotes collaboration, increase data security, make accurate forecasts, increase operational flexibility, and reduces operational costs. Business these days are more crucial to run and requires a standardized process to improve efficiency and attain the goal of the organization. ERP software in Oman is one such platform that helps the user to automate the process, improve the sales activities and enhance the business.

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