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Everything you need to Know about Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS)

If you are looking for a POS system that suits your organization, then you must try implementing Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS) in your organization. It is undoubtedly one of the most preferred POS systems by small businesses. From Quickbooks UAE to Quickbooks Oman, this system is quite famous across the globe. However, it is not preferred by restaurants and cafes. So, before jumping to any conclusion, let’s know more about Quickbooks POS in detail.

Meaning of Quickbooks POS:

QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) system is a multi-purpose solution for the organization. It is used for credit payment processing, sale and inventory management, employee and time tracking, bills management, and many more. This software can be easily integrated with Accounting Software Quickbooks. This system has a lot of amazing features that help your organization to grow. Undoubtedly, it is more of an ERP solution than a cash register. With QuickBooks POS, you can manage all the aspects of your hospitality and retail business.

QuickBooks POS is supported by Windows Server operating systems, Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1. This locally installed solution can be integrated with both iPad as well as iPhone. The software is easy to use and does not require any technical skills. By its efficiency, mobility, and simplicity, QuickBooks POS can be differentiated from other POS systems.

Features of QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS):

QuickBooks Point of Sale software makes a significant difference in client satisfaction and employee performance. It helps in tracking sales, customer information, and inventory counts. When hosted on the cloud, the software keeps various departments organized. QuickBooks POS offers a huge variety of advantages to businesses of all sizes and shapes. And, all it is possible because of its amazing and unique features. Here are some of the features of QuickBooks POS that undoubtedly make it a one-in-all solution for retail businesses.

1) Credit payment processing

By using QuickBooks POS, you can manage your cash, debit, and credit card payments. It is not only integrated with the desktop system completely but also is a well-secured payment processing system that is trusted by millions. Interestingly, the software supports secured payment technology like EMV. So, the pricing is fixed and you do not need to pay per transaction on your credit payments.

2) Customers Programs Management

QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) comes with a unique and significant option to manage both reward programs as well as credit customers. The complete data of your credit customers will be available in QuickBooks POS. Those data include their credit limit, amount due, and other details. Besides that, using QuickBooks POS, loyalty programs can also be managed.

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3) QuickBooks Desktop Integration

All the transactions that are made with QuickBooks POS in your organization are synced with QuickBooks accounting software. That is why all the data from QuickBooks POS can be seamlessly and effortlessly transferred to QuickBooks Desktop. This avoids man-made errors and saves a lot of time for you and your team.

4) Sales Transaction Management

By using the barcode scanner or adding them manually, you can add sales data in QuickBooks POS. This software will keep a detailed and timely record of the sales transaction. As a result, you will be able to go through it whenever your want without any hassle.

5) Inventory Management

By using QuickBooks POS advanced versions, you can manage all your inventory items. If you don’t know, the advanced versions are PRO and Multi-Store versions of QuickBooks POS. You can get the up-to-date data of your inventory items whenever you want. By knowing the current inventory details, you can improve your profits and manage them better. Interestingly, QuickBooks Point of Sale software directly uploads the inventory items of your organization from the spreadsheet software.

Benefits of Quickbooks POS:

QuickBooks POS allows you to easily sync orders, payroll data, employee records, and inventory with a single click. As a result, it helps users to perform their accounting processes from QuickBooks POS effectively and efficiently. Apart from all this, this software has a lot of benefits that help the smooth running of the organization. 

1) Enhanced Security

To guarantee complete security from malicious software, QuickBooks Point-of-Sale comes with the latest tools. It offers the highest security standards such as continuous network monitoring, 256-bit encryption, and a fully-clustered multi-tier structure. That is how it ensures the safety and security of the data.

2) Easy Access

Business operators can accept card transactions with QuickBooks POS software. It lets retailers or shopkeepers transact anywhere. It offers solutions for mobile workers or employees in remote locations. Besides that, it also allows the use of outsourcing companies or work from home.

3) Reduced Cost

With improvements in productivity and performance, QuickBooks Point-of-Sale can help in significant cost reduction for your business. It enables companies to implement the latest and most complex solutions with no huge investment. Also, the ongoing cost of maintaining your systems is reduced.

4) Reduced IT Management Burden

QuickBooks POS software on the cloud allows firms to focus on their business operation. With this software, companies do not need to invest a lot in hard storage devices. QuickBooks POS software provides considerable cost savings for the company as well.

Why Peniel Computer?

While managing inventory and syncing your e-commerce sales across multiple channels, avoid channel conflict with Peniel Computer’s QuickBooks POS. We have a fault-tolerant architecture that will make sure that the data is handled in a consistent and secure manner. It not only takes away the tedious task of schema management but also detects the schema of incoming data automatically. Perhaps that is why from Quickbooks POS UAE to Quickbooks Dubai, Peniel Technology is quite famous for providing this software to organizations.

While handling millions of records per minute, Peniel Computer scales data horizontally with very little latency. We take care of other key tasks in minutes and identify which items are profitable for you. We not only save your valuable time but also cut costs with efficient inventory tracking. Apart from all these, Peniel Computers has many other benefits of Quickbooks POS. So, install it now and see the difference.

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