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How do QB Addins help QuickBooks users in Oman?

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a powerful accounting tool for startups and growing businesses.

One of the top accounting and bookkeeping applications, QuickBooks, is favored by many businesses.

Using QuickBooks, the accounting and bookkeeping process becomes simple and real-time.

QuickBooks is a versatile piece of software that might satisfy your needs in terms of accounting.

Thousands of professionals use this program, including small business owners, freelance bookkeepers, and giant corporations.

Small and also medium-sized businesses and independent contractors are its primary targets.

What are QuickBooks Addins?

There are functions in QuickBooks Add-ons that Quick Books do not offer.

QB Addins Oman helps to organize Data into journals, profiles, payments made, invoices made, and other categories.

Additionally, QB invoicing software may create a QuickBooks invoice template based on your needs.

It may also print or produce using the QuickBooks invoice template by FTA standards.

Let’s discuss how QuickBooks Addins help QuickBooks user

QuickBooks Oman is unquestionably the best accounting software that allows managing the accounting of many industries.

It is the most popular software that is used to track a company’s financial health and manage revenue and expenses.

But QuickBooks doesn’t give you the freedom to entirely personalize reports and invoices to meet your company’s requirements and local tax rules; instead, it creates them using its present templates.

Elate QB Addins thereby allows you the freedom and option to customize your own sales invoice, buy invoice, journal vouchers, and also payment vouchers, along with your unique company logo and quick reports.

Let’s quickly review the features of QB Addins

Voucher printing with QuickBooks Addins

You may easily print vouchers in QuickBooks using a connected program (QB Addins), which enables you to synchronize the live data seamlessly.

You can add your company’s logo, the desired text field, and mostly the Amount in words.

Following are the customized voucher types available in Elate QB Addins.

Payment Voucher

QB invoicing software creates customized payment vouchers.

The bill date, bill amount, and paid amount are all in separate columns.

The amount added in words.

In the voucher column for paid amount is given which helps to examine the due amount.

the Column contains the total amounts.

Additionally, the auto vouchering tool helps to add voucher numbers automatically added to the payment voucher.

A customized payment voucher with the company logo, address, and name is also a feature of QB Addins.

The followings are the few additional features of the payment voucher

  1. Customized payment voucher with the header logo
  2. Customized payment voucher with footer
  3. Voucher with the bank details
  4. Amount in word
  5. Print out of payment voucher.

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Journal voucher

You can produce a customized journal voucher by including the account number, account name, customer’s name, debited amount, and credited amount.

The journal voucher contains the number of accounts, account number, and client serial number.

With QB Addins, you can create a personalized voucher utilizing your company’s logo, name, and also address.

The column contains the total amount debited and also credited.

Sales invoice

You can create FTA-approved tax invoice formats with QB Addins.

According to your requirements, QB Addins can produce a QuickBooks invoice template with a custom logo and template.

The invoice generated using the QuickBooks Oman desktop application cannot have the amount printed in words.

The FTA stipulates that every invoice must include a column showing the VAT amount and another column showing the VAT percentage.

The QuickBooks Addin includes the serial invoice number and also the invoice issue date.

It also includes columns for totals that include and exclude VAT.

Some Add ons features of sales invoice customization

  • Multiple currency invoices with the exchange rate.
  • Tax customized according to the FTA of the particular country.
  • VAT calculation is possible
  • The total amount in words.

Receipt voucher

Using the QB Add-in receipt voucher, you can create a receipt with the customer’s name.

QB Addins receipt voucher contains cheque number, date, and bank.

Additionally, the QuickBooks desktop version does not have the amounts in word feature.

This QB Addins allows you to create automatic voucher numbering.

QB Addins are used by single or multiple users depending on your version.

You can design a unique voucher template with your company’s name, logo, and address.

Purchase invoice

Elate QB Addins assist you in creating purchase invoices by your needs, local governmental regulations, and tax rules.

Presenting the required invoice and other papers in the government’s recommended format is required when filing tax returns.

Elate QB Addins can generate these files and sheets and get the invoices in the recommended templates.

QuickBooks’ Excel Import feature

Elate QB Addins excel import application enables error-free data flow from an Excel spreadsheet into QuickBooks, saving the user hours of data entry.

QB can import all transaction data from buy bills, sales invoices, payments, receipts, credit notes, debit notes, journals, quotations, purchase orders, sales orders, and so forth using Elate QB Addins import tools.

All information is smoothly transferred into the QuickBooks application as inappropriate vouchers.

QuickBooks’s multi-location tracking

Moreover, Inventory management is one of the features of QuickBooks.

But it does not enable the feature of multiplication tracking.

QB Addins support the Multi-location inventory monitoring.

As long as you enter the buy and sale information in QuickBooks as usual, the Elate QB Addins application will automatically sync the data.

By selecting the source and destination sites, the user can issue a stock transfer voucher and extract both condensed and detailed reports for stock with information from several locations.

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We provide QuickBooks customization to meet your business need.

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