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New TallyPrime: Best ERP Software For Small Business

Tally is one of the popular accounting software used by almost all small Business Enterprises across the globe. Tally as a skill is very important for all the specialists in the Accounts and Finance industry. The demand for a functioning knowledge of Tally is very high in the markets that are used for financial accounting purposes.

TallyPrime has released other versions of Tally and each one of them has conveyed some major enhancements and improvements in the business. Tally software module includes inventory management system, multi-location business system, statutory, payroll, Tally for VAT, etc. All the accounting actions, such as financial registers of a business, the generation of statements concerning the accountabilities and assets of a business, all are easily managed with the TallyPrime.

Tally Prime

Tally ERP 9 Vs Tally Prime

Tally.ERP 9 is now Tally Prime!  With the deep intent to delight clients and provide a cutting-edge product that would certainly transform business operations by carrying greater efficiency and flexibility, TallyPrime was introduced. It consisted of the major features with a wholly new look and feel yet familiar to TallyERP 9. It is a very robust ERP software that serves complete business management solutions in Saudi Arabia Oman, Bahrain, Dubai, and UAE. It is a package of software that handles processes like accounting, inventory management, Payroll, Banking, order management, VAT management, and many such needs of every small business. It helps in performing all day-to-day operations from recording invoices to generating reports.

What’s New in Tally Prime?

Go to Feature: You can discover and effortlessly navigate through business reports by searching through Go to feature.

Exception Report: You can experience improved capabilities of reports by inspecting any Tally report in detail.

Easy Menu Bar: Clutter-free menu with innovative shortcuts will assist you to effortlessly access all features in TallyPrime.

Stress-Free Multi-Tasking: You can shift from one report to another easily and access all the opened reports at the same time without affecting what you were doing.

New Look and Intuitive Design: You can experience a seamless and delightful look with the new look as per international standards and design.

MIS Reports Access: You can access important business reports on the move from anywhere at any time on any device.

Change View Option: You can get better insights into the reports by scrutinizing the report in different views with the change view facility.

Basis of Values: You can view reports from a different viewpoint just by altering the parameters of the prime report.

Optimize Invoice: You can choose ‘optimize printing to save paper’ that save paper and printing cost by enhancing the printing of multiple items in TallyPrime.

More Details Option: The new more-details option allows you to handle all sorts of core details of transactions like items and records very easily making the data entry and recording capabilities simpler.

Chart of Accounts: You can easily access all your controllers including groups, ledgers, coupon types, cost centers, etc. from one screen in TallyPrime.

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TallyPrime Shortcut key-

F1 Help: Help menu will assist you on Tally help, upgrading your application, what is new, Tally shop for purchasing add-ons, troubleshooting to mending your application, settings to configure your application, manage your customizations, and an about the report that displays all details of your Tally Prime installation and its setting.

The Effortlessness of Usage: You don’t have to log in twice for two different companies when the password for two different companies is alike.

Adding Permanent Details: You can add few details which are looked-for most of the time as ‘Permanent Details’ in the F12 configuration and excess them quickly.

What is Tally Prime on Cloud?

Tally Prime on Cloud is flexible and equals all the changing needs of evolving businesses. By delivering speedy critical reports it simplifies decision-making for business management. By permitting remote access to crucial reports like financial and accounting reports, cost reports, cash flow reports, inventory reports around the clock make decision-making much easier.

Why opt for Tally Prime on Cloud?

Cloud-based TallyPrime has been created in such a way that an accountant, a business owner, or any other Tally user can access it from anywhere. The reports that are hosted on the cloud are comprehensive that offer you the freedom to make quick decisions. TallyPrime also offers statutory compliance, which involves that Tally consents to all the changes related to statutory. To lead the business in a multifactorial way, VAT, E-way Bills, and all the freshly added provisions are compiled within Tally on the cloud.

Now grow your Small Business using Tally Prime – new-age Business Management Software that provides a seamless experience. What are you waiting for?  Explore more and make the most out of TallyPrime, QuickBooks, HR and Payroll, Elate CRM, and Sage 50 Accounting  Software that offers access to detailed business insights and reports to increase the efficiency of the business.

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