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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the ability to define an integrated suite of business applications along with the tools to process data models, Human Resource (HR), manufacturing, and supply chain. ERP software combines business processes and data sources into one system. The benefits of ERP software in Muscat, Oman are: 

  • Integrate and automate the business process – ERP software provides the integration of various departments in the organization and the tasks assigned to them. It also automates the process of complex activity and lets the employees focus on the sales to provide greater value to the business. 
  • Transparency with ERP database – the manual maintenance of spreadsheets can have a higher risk of error in the data or loss of information. ERP software enhances clean storage of data that has a standard schema with dashboards and reports generated by the user. 
  • Enhanced capabilities – ERP software provides various modules which help to increase the efficiency of the employee to attain their goals and have better performance. 
  • Data security – ERP software allows you to restrict the user based on their roles which can prevent access to sensitive information.  
  • Manage HR – ERP software provides a Human Resource (HR) module that allows you to manage the details of the employees, payroll, and the tasks being associated with them. 

The top five ERP software in Muscat, Oman is: 

  1. SAGE – SAGE 300 provides highly adaptable Enterprise Planning along with business accounting, CRM, operations, and finance. SAGE provides the entire solution to run your business including finance, sales, and inventory. There is also cloud-connected functionality which allows the users to access anywhere, any device, and anytime. When you have a company across different locations in the world, you can have multi-currency and multiple languages for managing finance, sale, and inventory.  The main highlight of SAGE 300 is it comes with payroll, HR, and Employee Self Service (ESS). The ESS helps the employees to use their time efficiently and manage their HR process easily. The features of ESS allow the employee to apply for leave, view their performance, have a flawless worksheet, view payslips, and manage their personal information.   

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  1. TALLY PRIME – tally prime is one of the most powerful ERP software which provides the integration of business accounts, day-to-day business, and financial transactions. Tally prime provides simplified decision-making for business owners with critical reports of cash flow, financial reports, inventory, and accounting. There are advanced features such as.
  2. GO TO – the “GO TO” search bar is available on top of the tally prime which gives easy access to any part of the tally. 
  3. Optimize invoice – when the business owners create one invoice for multiple items, tally prime allows you to remove unwanted space and optimize your invoice. 
  4. Chart of Accounts – access all of the masters including voucher types, cost center, and ledgers from the option “Chart of Accounts”. 
  5. Change Mode – in any voucher, you can easily navigate through ‘Accounting invoice’, ‘As invoice’, and ‘Item invoice’ with the help of the change mode option. 
  6. Easy usage – when the business owner manages multiple companies, tally allows you to enter other companies with the use of the same password for different companies. There is no need for any shortcuts to navigate through Tally. The new tally prime provides all the functions on the screen which allows the user to navigate smoothly.
  7. Mark detail as permanent – tally prime allows the user to add few details which are accessed most of the time in ‘permanent details’ under F12 configuration.
  8. ODOO – Odoo is an open-source ERP software that has a suite of applications that provides a complete solution for all modules of the business such as CRM, sales management, accounting, purchase management, and HRMS. This software helps you to manage a range of industries and integrated scalability which means the business owner can modify the modules in the odoo software according to their business growth. Dedicated customer portals in odoo help the user to organize the customer-related data from order tracking, invoices, and the final delivery. The special feature of odoo is its double-entry inventory management which keeps track of the products from supplier to the customer. HRMS module is an employee module that gathers information of employees from the job title, starting date, contract period, dates, and schedule. 
  9. ERPNext – ERPNext is an open-source system designed for small and mid-sized businesses. It simplifies all the accounting processes from invoicing to other processes with different modules into a single platform. ERPNext provides human resources that manage the payroll of the employees with all details like leave cycle, benefits, and deduction. Asset management serializes assets and capital work in process accounting with their tools. ERPNext is compatible with both mobile and desktop interfaces.
  10. Microsoft Dynamics – Microsoft Dynamics is an ERP software that enables end-to-end business processes with unified navigation and seamless integration for all the business processes. Dynamics provides business solution platforms like purpose-built applications, a highly adaptable platform for an effective business transformation, and insightful intelligence for decision making. Microsoft Dynamics provides modules involving both sales and accounting like marketing, project service automation, customer service, retail, finance, and operations. 

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