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ERP For Asset management | Asset Management Software

ERP For Asset management | Asset Management Software

The ERP Enterprise Asset Management solution allows you to obtain the best possible operational capacity from your assets, at the lowest cost. Maximize the operational capacity of your assets. Speed up profitability. And get a fast return on your investment.
The more operational a business’s assets, the greater its competitiveness. In sectors such as industry, construction, health, hospitality, energy, intelligent building management, and public administration, to name but a few, operability is absolutely paramount for any business’s performance. However, there is a tendency for the maintenance of assets and installations to be neglected after the initial investment has been made. The results are obvious.

  • High levels of inoperability/unavailability
  • Assets have a shorter lifespan
  • High maintenance costs
  • Assets offer low profitability
  • Product and service quality suffers

ERP’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution will ensure that you get the best possible return for your investment.
Maintaining your assets and installations becomes a priority. And having your equipment permanently available becomes a reality. As a result, your organization’s overall performance will reach a whole new level. The solution lets you configure and manage all your maintenance processes at an operational and strategic level, in accordance with your company’s specific needs. Quickly, easily and with in-depth cost control. Whether the operations in question are carried out by your in-house team or outsourced personnel.

All the mechanisms in ERP EAM are geared towards ensuring the maximum durability of your assets and installations. Towards permanent operability. Towards making your investment profitable. Towards the organization’s performance and quality. And towards the safety of the technical teams.Ensure your assets are as profitable as they deserve to be with a solution that offers you:

  • A fast return on your investment
  • Maximum profitability
  • In-depth cost control
  • A reduction in the risk of unavailability and its inherent costs
  • Fast and efficient processes
  • Compliance with international standards
  • Access to your information wherever you happen to be

ERP’s EAM solution provides a host of automatic functions that foster effective, planned, programmed, preventative and properly controlled maintenance management.

  • Maximum accessibility. Minimum maintenance costs.
  • In-depth cost control
  • Speed and efficiency in the administrative management of maintenance
  • Conformity to internationally-recognized good practices and standards
  • High levels of control and asset availability]
  • Streamlined processes for controlling the conformity and quality of products and services
  • Integration with other management systems

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