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The performance of organizations operating in the industrial sector depends largely on efficient planning of the production process. In order to help these organizations optimize their operations, combining all the potential of their material and human resources to achieve increased profitability, ERP offers a production management solution geared towards maximizing results and creating value. ERP Manufacturing was developed specifically to address the numerous and particular needs of the industrial sector. The program offers a complete range of mechanisms to assist in the various operations that enable planning, programming, execution, and monitoring of the entire manufacturing process, from purchasing raw materials to subcontracting and cost control. The automatic calculation of production and purchasing requirements is particularly worthy of note. Peniel Computer Provides Best ERP Software in Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

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The estimated costs of Manufacturing Orders can be obtained in various ways. To allow companies to set the parameters in the way most suited to their own reality, the solution offers a variety of criteria to help calculate estimated costs. These can be determined by using the standard price, the average cost price and/or the latest purchase price. This solution is capable of responding to the needs of various types of production:vertical production, discrete production (by order) or continuous production (on the assembly line, intermittent, for stock replenishment, in batches or per project), ensuring full control over the processing advanced, fully integrated technology, this solution promotes deep integration between the manufacturing processes and the Administrative, Logistics and Finance areas, among others, guaranteeing absolute and overall control over internal processes, in addition to solid financial information essential for decisionmaking.

The information provided enables the construction of indicators which make it possible to structure strategies and plan production in the medium term, anticipate demand and consequently maximize the installed production capacity. In light of its comprehensive characteristics and considerable adaptability to a variety of scenarios due to the robust extensibility tools incorporated in its’ design, this production management system responds to the cross-cutting needs of the industry and its subsectors, including agri-foods, textiles, clothing and footwear; chemicals, plastic, and rubber; pharmaceuticals; motor vehicles/shipbuilding, metallurgy and metal products; machinery and equipment manufacture; electrical and electronic equipment; glass and ceramics; and many more.

VAT ERP Software for SME | ERP Solution for Manufacturing

These criteria form the basis of and provide greater precision in, the calculation of the theoretical cost of products. ERP Manufacturing is the result of experience spanning more than 20 years of direct contact with industrial organizations operating in a variety of sectors. It is rooted in a series of guidelines intended to assist companies in the production sector, the following being particularly worthy of note:

Key Features of ERP for Manufacturing Industry

  • Detailed planning of every stage of the production process;
  • Deep integration with the Administrative, Logistics and Finance areas;
  • Productivity mechanisms that promote the maximum quality of products to be manufactured, at a lower cost;
  • Maximization of the installed production capacity;
  • Increased profitability and cost control;
  • Considerable flexibility and adaptability to the specific processes of any organization;
  • Availability of information which makes it possible to anticipate demand.

The ERP Manufacturing Solutions Main Functionalities

  • Data Sheets
  • Operations
  • Manufacturing Roadmaps
  • Compositions with Formulas
  • Tool and Mould Management
  • Quality factors
  • Results Ranges
  • Work Centres
  • Calculation of Requirements
  • Detailed Production Planning
  • Manufacturing Orders
  • Subcontracting
  • Work Log
  • Stoppages
  • Traceability
  • Budgets and Quotes

Deep Integration with the Central Management System

  • Integration with Logistics
  • Direct Integration into Accounts
  • Other Integration Features

ERP Solutions Advantages

  • Centralized Production Management
  • Optimization of the installed production capacity
  • High levels of control over processes
  • Adaptable to any production process
  • Traceability along the production chain
  • Quality control
  • Rapid response to customer requests
  • Deep integration with the entire management system

ERPNext for Manufacturing Oman

This system allows you to plan your Inventories and material necessities using a production planning device. Create and make your production schedule based on Workstation availability. Use a hierarchical Bill of Materials and costing through powerful features. Ease of Sub-contracting / outsourcing part of the manufacturing process to include its cost into the resulting products.

Manage Manufacturing with Odoo ERP Oman

Project Management - Production Management - Quality Management - The manufacturing or production section can activate quality alerts directly from their workplace control panel.

VAT in Oman 2021

Oman will announce a value-added tax (VAT) system associated with the GCC VAT Framework with effect from April 2021. The standard rate of VAT will be 5%, making it one of the lowermost rates in the world. It is consistent with the GCC Unified Agreement with provisions for zero-rating and exceptions in the Oman VAT Law. Implementing VAT in Oman is said to have a progressive impact on its growth and global competitiveness and will help in building a defensible knowledge-based economy for upcoming generations

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