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ERP Software for Professional Services

ERP Software for Professional Services - VAT Accounting Software

ERP Professional management software gives you a secure technological innovation. Technological innovation which allows you to successfully rise to the new challenges of competitiveness. And the confidence that comes from two decades of experience serving companies in some 20 countries.

Globalization has transformed the way people connect and communicate with each other. Now it is revolutionizing the world of business. The motto is to always be connected. The constant and frenetic evolution of the market triggers changes in the way companies operate. This means that management systems need to be flexible, dynamic and integrative, serving as a driving force for business. Inflexible, closed solutions (restricted to desktop and with no interoperability) are incompatible with the current pace of business. In the past, they contributed to the growth of many companies. But today they are delaying success. Their life cycle is over. Do not allow this turning point to pass you by. Do not invest in a system that keeps you chained to the past. Be ready for competitiveness on a global scale. The ERP Professional management solution is an innovative system that ensures you will be at the front of the pack in this race. The solution can be used in any scenario: it connects to mobile applications, integrates data from the Cloud, and shares business between thousands of companies through a global platform.

In addition to supporting the traditional areas of management, it also meets the needs of the most advanced user scenarios:

  • Integrated access to Cloud-based applications
  • Connection to mobile systems
  • Integration in a network shared by thousands of users

The solutions user-friendliness can be felt from the moment you start using it. This is an integrated management system geared towards the user:

  • Easy to use
  • Quick to learn
  • Simple creation of data analyses
  • Intuitive operations
  • Operates securely

Know your business inside out and obtain maximum profitability with a solution that guarantees you:

  • Automation of critical operations
  • Fast and easy inputting of documents
  • Robust financial calculation tools
  • Planning of treasury requirements
  • Integrated business management
  • Consolidated information
  • Decision-making support

The internal document technology included in this solution streamlines the data flow between the Project/Job management area and the Logistics and Finance areas. Thus, you have access to charts and analyses that will help you in your decision-making:

  • Profitability, cost and profit analyses for every stage of the project
  • Detailed consumption with information on associated resources
  • Pre-sale and After-sale costs by project
  • Analyses from the perspective of the customer, the project and the company
  • Justification of the amounts presented

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