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Project-Based ERP Software | Products & Solutions | ERP

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The implementation of projects or works involving materials, services or equipment over a specific period of time requires rigorous management of costs, profits and profitability Project management is a critical factor in competitiveness, so a system is needed that will promote meticulous control over every one of your organization's ongoing projects. This module is intended for companies that need to manage a process over a period of time, analyzing costs, profits, and profitability. Examples of this would be companies operating in civil construction and public works.

This is a high value-added tool that provides:

  • Project information (customer, conditions, and appendices).
  • Configurable project statuses.
  • The automated transition between statuses, allowing the system to update the status of a project on the basis of completed tasks.
  • Project Spreadsheet, allowing various types of cost estimates (e.g. manpower, equipment, materials, expenses).
  • Classification of project operations in all Logistics and Treasury modules.
  • Classification of operations from the perspective of the project.
  • Analysis of profitability, costs, and profits at every stage of the project.
  • Use of internal document technology to facilitate control of project operations and guarantee to streamline between the various
  • types of logistics operations associated with the project (e.g. consumption, purchases, etc.).
  • Invoicing support in accordance with the project invoicing method.
  • Invoicing support based on actual consumption or installments.
  • Detailed consumption record, with information of associated resources.
  • Projects with pre-sales and after-sales costs.
  • Analyses from the perspective of the customer, the project and the company.
  • Drill-down technology increases ease of navigation, meaning that the amounts presented can be justified with a simple click.

After-Sales Services

Comprehensively integrated with the Logistics area, ERP's After-sales Services module meets the needs of companies that
provide technical assistance for equipment and software. Similarly, companies with a large amount of equipment, and which have
technical departments, can use ERP After-sales Services as a support tool for departmental management. With this product, you can: log requests for equipment repairs and software assistance; control serial numbers and guarantees; issue and control assistance contracts; manage the technicians' schedules; access the databases of most-frequent problems; invoice parts; and have total control over the efficiency and profitability of the technical department.

The areas covered include:

  • Equipment
  • Contracts
  • Customer Assistance
  • Consultations and Charts
  • Statistics