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Sage 50 US: Accounting made Simple

Sage 50 US edition is the simple accounting software that is mainly used by small businesses and start-ups. This software is stress-free to use and fast to learn and set up. It provides an easier way to manage your entire business task related to finance. With the help of Sage 50 cloud, you can accumulate all your data on the cloud and store it securely. In our cloud-hosted Sage 50 environment, you will have all your traditional tools, as well as accounting, invoicing, inventory management, and more. The employees of the company can have enhanced remote access and automatic security measures.

We at Peniel Computer being a Sage 50 US dealer support accounting services in Oman, Bahrain, and UAE. We also give Peachtree support and services when needed. You can immediately access several features supported by Sage product along with the ability to import and export essential data for unified integration with Microsoft Office Suite. A multi-user atmosphere that lets approved members and clients track, observe, analyze and edit main Sage 50 data and collaborate to make quicker business resolutions. We ensure the highest quality performance so you and your team can be productive with complete customization for your business. Additional third-party applications or a specific cloud environment setup is offered by us so that your server is yours, and you can modify it as required.

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Below are three versions of Sage 50 US Edition

Sage 50 US Pro Accounting

It is one the easy-to-use accounting software for solo entrepreneurs who have small businesses. This software keeps your business investments on track. It allows you to feel more confident about your finances and accelerate your business easily. Sage 50c Pro Accounting keeps you prepared with reliable desktop software along with any time, anywhere cloud access. We offer easy-to-afford subscription plans to ensure that you have the most informed features and limitless access to support.

Sage 50 US Premium Accounting

It is advanced accounting software for small businesses with 1 to 5 users. As the name suggests it can expertly manage your growing business with perception into key information that you can access anywhere, any time. Sage 50 Premium US Edition comes with fully supported access, automatic updates, and the liberty to add the exact amenities for your business such as payroll, credit card payments, or both.

Sage 50 US Quantum Accounting

Sage 50c Quantum Accounting offers you planned insight into your business and unlocks new areas for evolution. This is safe, consistent desktop software with the flexibility to work online and access information remotely by you and your employees. It is f includes industry-specific functionalities that include limitless access to support, automatic updates, and the choice to add the right services for your business.

Why Choose Sage 50 US Edition from Peniel Computer?

As Sage’s top partner, solutions and service provided by Peniel Computer can reduce the business workload just like your IT costs. As well-known technology and business consultants in the Middle East, we bring high level of proficiency and experience to an array of businesses including cloud, hosting, and services. Our team will take care of the quires, guaranteeing you have a secure environment for your Sage 50 structure. We are offering a cost-efficient Sage 50 US 2021 module to ensure the growth of your business. Let us help you get the exact Sage 50 Version

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Manage your Accounts with Sage 50 UK

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Manage your Accounts with Sage 50 UK

Sage 50 US: Accounting made Simple

Sage 50 UK accounting is software for handling your business’s accounting. It is designed for small business owners and individual traders with or without staff. This is used for functioning in any business – from professional services, construction, or retail. It permits you to swiftly and effortlessly generate and track invoices, track cash movement, receive payments, record transactions, automate admin, capture expenses, and many more. Sage 50 accounting software gives access to multiple users and does not need any prior familiarity with accounting software to get started. 

The UK Edition supports you take control of all your assets and bookkeeping work so that you can focus more on sales and productivity. Peniel Computers is one of the top Sage 50 Dealers in UAE, Oman, and Bahrain and provides support and accounting services. 

We are offering a free demo for Sage 50 UK Accounts Professional.

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Sage 50 UK Edition is easy-to-use accounts software that is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that practice large volumes of monetary data or trade-in different currency

There are three versions in Sage 50 UK

Sage 50 UK Accounts

Sage 50 Accounts is the prominent accounts software in the UAE. It allows you to control your finances, customers, suppliers, and VAT. It takes control of all your business processes and upsurges the productivity of your business leaving you with more time to run your business.

Sage 50 UK Accounts Plus

 Sage 50 Accounts Plus is simple accounts software that is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. It can manage all aspects of your business solely and precisely. It is the same as that of Sage 50 UK Accounts, with the added feature of Bill of Materials, cutting-edge stock control, project costing, and custom pricing.

Sage 50 UK Accounts Professional

Sage 50 Accounts Professional is accounting software that is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. It can process large volumes of financial data or trade in foreign currency. With added features of sales, processing and 10 users accessibility make it stand apart.

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Why Peniel Computers?

We are professional dealers of this product and also offer set up, training, and support services for all Sage 50 Accounting Softwares. Please feel free to contact us today to discuss your Sage Requirements at Peniel Computers.

Sage 50 UK Accounts Professional Support

 Our professionals will provide extremely efficient support to all your queries instantly. Installation Support: We guide our customers in Sage 50 UK installation across the Middle East.

Professional Annual Maintenance

We at Peniel Computers offer maintenance to our product annually.

Accounts Skilled Training

 Our accounting professionals will provide training on Sage 50 UK so that the customers can easily understand and can use our product effectively.

Professional Annual Maintenance

We at Peniel Computers offer maintenance to our product annually.

Online & Onsite Support

We support our customers with efficient online and onsite support all over the Middle East.

Manage Customer Relationship through Sage CRM

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Manage Customer Relationship through Sage CRM

Sage CRM is multipurpose and customizable software that fits across the Sage collection for customer relationship management. From Sage 50 to Sage 200, the Sage CRM system offers a unified connection across your business. It empowers you to manage your marketing, sales, and customer service all in one room.

With Sage CRM, you get a dominant solution that is easy to tailor and works around you and your team. It will help you fasten your sales pipeline and raise your sales. You can choose from a number of options i.e. Cloud or Server Based subject to your business structure. Peniel Computer is the prominent Sage CRM dealer, meeting the needs of over 15,000 small-medium-sized companies in Oman, Bahrain, and UAE. Using Sage CRM your business productivity is increases and also improves prominence across the business through decision making. Sage CRM offers

  • Customer contact manager
  • Case management system
  • Solutions Database
  • E-Marketing Campaign tracker
  • Sales Leads and Opportunities workflow
  • Close more sales with Sage CRM
  • Pipeline forecasting

We have made an on-demand demo video for you to understand the simplicity of Sage CRM Click here to watch Sage CRM Demo 

Sage 50 UK Edition is easy-to-use accounts software that is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that practice large volumes of monetary data or trade-in different currency

What Sage CRM can do for you?

Active Marketing

Sage CRM can monitor the achievement of your campaigns in real-time. Each lead, discussion, and opportunity can all be linked back to an operational activity to confirm that you know closely how well you are doing.

Targeting marketing determinations

  Fully customizable software permits you to divide your information in many ways. The collections function lets you generate sets of data to aim based on any of the custom fields that you create. These groups can use it for mail, e-marketing campaigns, or outbound call lists.

Comprehensive customer details

The software has a directory of all your customers that you can check through. It can store customer communications and procurement history for an improved understanding of your clients.

Easy Integration

Sage CRM is extremely spontaneous and offers visual dashboard insights that are easy to grasp and plan. Most significantly, the integration is easy and clutter-free.

Gain Accurate Insights

With Sage CRM one can gauge where the business stands, and make more well-versed business decisions that you can be assured about.

Why Sage CRM from Peniel Computers?

If you are going to invest in one thing for your business to make it more successful, make sure you invest in a good Sage CRM system. Every business wants a good CRM to have real-time visibility, traceability, estimating, and reporting. As a prominent Sage Partner in UAE, we offer cost-effective software like Sage CRM, Sage 50 UK, Sage 200, 300, etc. to ensure the business is streamlined and growing. Our in-house Sage team can check-in, implement, train and support the entire Sage range.

Sage CRM is trusted by hundreds of businesses from a range of industries throughout the Middle East.

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