Adherence to appropriate data security protocols is important to guarantee that all company data is shielded from any type of alteration or manipulation. Thats not all, though. You need to have procedures in place, such as deleting a record or tracking who accessed your company&pos;s data, to determine whether and where manipulation has taken place. Let’s delve into TallyPrime Security features protecting your data.

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You can safeguard the financial information of your company from thieves both inside and outside your company by putting data security measures in place correctly. Having precise knowledge of where your data is stored and how your staff members access it increases transparency.

The ongoing increase in input and the escalated volume of generated data today heighten the criticality of data security. It aims to prevent corporate data from falling into the wrong hands or being altered for nefarious purposes.

Take a seat and unwind with TallyPrime.

Tally.ERP 9 guarantees the highest level of data security, protecting your company's information from tampering and unwanted access.

Six ways TallyPrime improves security for you

  1. Safe remote access

When you're not on company property, you might need to access your business data to create reports or change vouchers. With TallyPrime's secure remote access capability, you may access your data instantly by entering your Tally.NET ID and password.

This makes it possible for you to access business data from anywhere in the world at any time. It facilitates remote working, lowers complexity, and saves time. You always have access to your data since security is implemented on all fronts. You can access your data remotely and complete various tasks at the same time.

  1. Specify several degrees of security

For any organization, having control over its business data is crucial. 

Tally Software allows you to grant access only to employees who need it by assigning user-level privileges and configuring multiple security levels. You can designate different security levels for the auditor, user, and owner, for instance. When necessary, you can revoke the rights.

Managing user-level privileges using Tally Single-User or Tally Multi-User is both easy and complex. You have more control over your company's data because it establishes limits and makes sure that not just anybody can access it.

  1. The TallyVault

TallyVault from Tally.ERP 9 is a step towards increased security to guarantee and uphold the confidentiality of company data. Encryption enhances protection and prevents unwanted access to your company's data. Access to your company's data requires a TallyVault password.

Due to the added security, this is advantageous for business owners. TallyVault's data encryption function ensures that only authorized users can access the company's data by requiring an encryption key to access and read the data. Data access is now trustworthy, safe, and secure as a result.

  1. Management of users

In terms of user management as well, Tally multi-user simplifies every process.

As many users as your firm requires can be created. Additionally, you can control them with a few quick clicks.

You can make sure that each user has the exact amount of access they require—and nothing more—by allocating user access by their roles within your company. All user management details, including role, password, username, and status, are available on a single page. You can also check permissions for browser access, password policy, and remote access. You have immediate control over changing or removing access privileges.

  1. The audit trail

Regularly reviewing the edit logs is an excellent practice for even more security.

With the audit trail tool included in TallyPrime, you can quickly verify the activity type, username, and update date and time. You can verify whether any business transactions were altered or removed. This holds true for all of the software's components, including ledgers and accounting books.

Using the software solution, you can quickly compare the original and altered versions to conduct a comparative analysis. You can follow up and talk about the reasons behind the modifications with the staff member who made them if needed. You have the option to remove access based on the results.

  1. Management of password policies

You can control and decide upon your password policy with TallyPrime's password policy management. You can grant your employees the ability to change their password after their initial login, as well as check password strength, expiration dates, and password histories.

Keeping an eye on your corporate passwords allows you to grant access according to policy and maintain control over the specifics of your passwords. To provide you the flexibility and freedom you require based on the level of security you feel comfortable with, you can also modify the password policy when necessary. This gives you the freedom to secure your company data to the maximum extent possible.

Tally.ERP 9 offers excellent security features. You have full control over setting the password policy. You can grant user-level access as per your requirements. Additionally, you can establish security levels according to your preferences.

Your business data may be viewed from anywhere and used however you like with the best security features in place to guarantee safety thanks to its robust security features.

You may specify security settings for each of your vouchers, providing you peace of mind, regardless of whether you need security for inventory management data or all of them. To further enhance security, be sure you can grant and revoke access to your company's data.

The bottom line

In addition to being a strong tool, Tally.ERP 9 for data analytics places a high priority on protecting your confidential company information. Its extensive security measures offer the required defenses to keep your financial information safe from hackers and unauthorized access. You can concentrate on expanding your company with the assurance that your data is secure when you use Tally Prime's security features.

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